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All LifeStyles Welcome

We specialize in sexual health and expression. This means all individuals of all walks of life are welcome. We all have different experiences, stories and a way of expressing ourselves –  we love that!!! No matter your lifestyle, you deserve a fantastic sexual health and wellness aspect of your life and if applicable, your partner deserves this as well. 

Desire Based Coaching

Imagine having the confident skills  to know and express your desires with your partner.

Desire based coaching focuses on “what do you want?” instead of what you think you can’t have. People come to us with challenges of communication, connection, sex, intimacy, shame, worthiness, desire, scarcity…basically, any and all of the issues that we as humans have taken on in our lives and need help unraveling. Uncovering what is real and true for us starts with tuning into the body, and feeling everything that’s alive inside us. We acknowledge everything that we don’t want to face or deal with and then transform those fears into power. Desire Coaching is about putting your oxygen mask on first. It is tapping into what you want and by doing so, being of greater service to others.

Come and learn how to express yourself and and achieve a desire filled life!

orgasmic meditation training

The OM Method or Orgasmic Meditation is a 15 minute mindfulness practice combining the power of attention with the experience of orgasm. 

We redefine orgasm, from an event (the moment of climax), to a state of being. In OM, you are trained how to feel the full range of sensation in your body. It is a fluid, non-linear approach. with the only goal being to feel the sensation. Removing the goal of Climax and pressure is such a relief. 

People experience increased happiness, less stress and anxiety, and more empathetic, fulfilling relationships as a result.

Private Sessions and Group Classes Available

Learn more about OM HERE

Lifestyle/polyamory coaching

No matter where you are on your relationship journey-  Open, Polyamorous, or just exploring all the options. Navigating the ups, downs, and all-around found in alternative relationships is challenging and sometimes down right overwhelming. 

We understand the unique challenges that come with any and all of these relationships. Most of us at DesireOKC practice some alternative LifeStyle- you are not alone. We can help provide you with understanding and various tools to help you on a peaceful and harmonious dynamic journey. 

therapeutic massage

Did you know when you have inflamed, tense muscles in the body (especially the lower back, legs, gluts, thighs, abdomen) can negatively affect your libido and sexual functioning? Did you know that it could limit your ability to orgasm? Did you know it can limit your performance?

Our Licensed  Massage Therapists all understand the importance of having a healthy skeletal and muscular system. We do not provide “happy endings” in the massage room ever, however we will work with your body in such a way to loosen the muscles. This way the body can get proper blood flow and decrease inflammation, as well as,  tightness and pain.

In time, with a combination of coaching and massage you will see a “happy ending” with your partner.

therapeutic cupping

Cupping therapy is one of the oldest and most globally practiced medical treatments in human history.  Ancient healers even used this method on the body to draw out evil spirits. While we probably will not be drawing out evil spirits it is a therapy used by all walks of life to relieve muscle tension, backaches, stiff neck and shoulders and other challenges brought on by stress, work and daily life.

By creating negative pressure, cupping releases rigid soft tissue, drains excess fluids and toxins, loosens adhesions, lifts connective tissue and brings blood flow to stagnant skin and muscles. As the toxins are brought to the surface a cupping “mark” will appear in colors ranging from a dark purple to a light pink, but is usually a shade of red. These discolorations are not bruises but are simply a reflection of the stagnation in the area being treated.

medical services

We are located in the offices of the LifeStyle Clinic. They are a full service Direct Primary Care Clinic.

In your coaching, we may become aware that some issues might include the need for something more – Maybe we discover you need hormonal Therapy or libido Therapy with the help of medications. The LifeStyle Clinic is happy to partner with DesireOKC in getting the help you need. 

And guess what? they are truly in the lifestyle so they are easily approachable for all things to help your sexual health and wellness.

pelvic floor restorative YOga coming soon!

"As a Sex Therapist and Coach, I have strongly encouraged my clients to treat the body like a vessel. Regular massages, soaking in the bath tub, saunas, cupping, or any type of body work/self-care is good for the body and more importantly the soul. I encourage anyone suffering with a dissatisfied sexual life or libido to call or book online an appointment."