Orgasmic Meditation

When Orgasmic Meditation® Or “OM” Is Practiced On A Regular Basis The Individual Can Experience A Greater Awareness, Attention, Curiosity And Focus.  Many Of My Clients Have Reported Decreased Symptoms Of DAHD, ADD, Anxiety, Depression And Symptoms Of PTSD.

What is OM?

While the official OM practice is a partnered activity (one person does the stroking, the other gets stroked), you can do a variation on your own. Solo OM, Meditative Self Pleasure.

This method began making its way into public conversation after The New York Times wrote a profile on OneTaste, the first-ever orgasmic meditation company. Founded by Nicole Daedone and Rob Kandell, their original tagline was “A pleasurable place for your body to be.”

Over the years, OM has been endorsed by celebs including Kourtney Kardashian, Gwyneth Paltrow, and entrepreneur Tim Ferriss.  Orgasmic  Meditation is beneficial for anyone looking for a deeper connection with themselves or others. OM has been shown to help decrease anxiety, depression, anorgasmic, sexual dysfunction, low sex drive and more.

As Anjuli Ayer, CEO of Institute of OM says, “It’s for any adult looking to improve their emotional and physical health and who is willing to try new things.”

why om?

The purpose is to have a sense of being present in the moment and experience pleasure and relaxation.  It is not to have a climax or foreplay before sex. Simply to get out of your head and into your body. To feel into your body. People whom OM become more aware of sensations in their bodies. More aware of what emotions feel like in the body.

Similarly to traditional meditation. OM is meditation in connection while being in an orgasmic state.  It expands our limbic connection with our partner and in my experience the world around me. By making more aware of myself in connection with the world around me. Like tradition meditation, Orgasmic Meditation seek to improve the connection between the practitioner’s mind and body. Both allow you to not only have more serenity with yourself, but also to deeply connect with others.”

While orgasm is not the end-goal of orgasmic meditation, some folks will experience orgasm. Orgasm is shown to have vast health benefits for the human body and relationships. Orgasm releases oxytocin which is considered a bonding hormone (improve connection). Orgasm also releases endorphins and dopamine (thus decreasing pain in the body, anxiety and depressed states) and turns on the limbic nerve which is the path to empathic connection with other. And studies show that orgasms provide a whole host of health benefits.

How do you OM?

Orgasmic meditation is a partnered meditative practice in which one person strokes the genitals of another person for 15 minutes. This practice is done with a specific container (12 steps that MUST be followed to create a safety and trust). When the container is kept, both individuals are able to focus on their breath, their body, and escape their mind. This is also a way for the couple to  grow in their own connection.

Orgasmic Meditation when practiced on a regular basis, the participants can experience a greater awareness, attention, curiosity, and focus. Many of my clients have reported decreased symptoms of ADHD, ADD, Anxiety, Depression and symptoms of PTSD.


Proven results!

I often prescribe OM when helping clients who have not been able to have sex due to pain. Clients that have not had sex for 3, 7, 10 years together are now having healthy and gratifying sex because they learned to OM. Orgasmic meditation has helped clients (women and men) overcome sexual traumas, vaginismus (pain with sex), erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, anorgasmia, low desire and more..

People who OM report increase sensation in their orgasms and more orgasms. Not to mention, better connection with their partners and themselves. A sacred, mind, body and soul connection during sex and in life. The power of orgasm is healing. The path of pleasure is freeing.

~~Why I Om~~

“More than 300,000 men and women have learned the Orgasmic Meditation practice worldwide since 2003 to recover from disconnection. This is just one story, my story.

I rebelled against those expectations pretty early on, but parts of them stayed with me. I became a people-pleaser, afraid to say no to anything people asked of me. And while I was sexually expressive to the point that my friends nicknamed me “Nympho,” I’d begun losing that drive around the time I learned about Orgasmic Meditation. I felt disconnected from my body and I didn’t feel as much sensation as I used to. It was harder to climax. I starting OMing to get back in touch with my clitoris, my body, and myself.

My partner and I taught ourselves to OM, but I had trouble getting the hang of the practice at first. I felt stuck in my head and couldn’t hone in on the sensations. Outside thoughts kept creeping in. I figured that meant I needed to do it more. I had to learn to be in my body. Then, I went to California for a personal development conference, and I OMed with a trained stroker for the first time. That was the first OM that took me completely out of my head and into my body.

The people I met through the OM community frequently asked me about my desires and encouraged me to go after them. I got to practice doing this during the OM practice itself, by giving my partners adjustments. Having all my attention on my genitals put me in touch with my desire, my power, and my ability to ask for what I want.

As I gained more self-respect and found my voice, I became comfortable not just asking for what I wanted but also actively pursuing it. When I asked someone to OM and they said no, I didn’t give up; I asked them again later. I no longer say yes to everything my partner or kids want from me. And if they don’t want to give me something I ask for, I don’t automatically take no for an answer. I’m more willing to fight for what I really want.

Now that I can feel my desire, I’m letting it guide me towards passions I’d been afraid to pursue before. I have an inner compass to go by now, so I’m less concerned with what other people think. I used to be scared to go to social events and put myself out there as a sex therapist because people have strange reactions when you tell them that. Now, I’m going to tons of Meetups and actively forming my own OM community. I do less traditional therapy and more sex therapy and coaching because that’s what’s most exciting to me.

I’ve returned to being the free-spirited young woman I was in the my teens and early twenties. I’m reminded of this every time I bump into the hot guy in my office building’s elevator. I used to just stand there salivating over him, and he never seemed to notice me. But ever since I started OMing, he always says something to me, like, “Good morning” or even “You look nice today.” I think he notices that I’m turned on, and he can’t help but look in my direction. I’m back to my natural, orgasmic self, and loving every minute of it.

Now that I can feel my desire, I’m letting it guide me towards passions I’d been afraid to pursue before. I have an inner compass to go by now, so I’m less concerned with what other people think  and more concerned with helping others find their desire and create authentic connections.”

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