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Join us & get smart about sexual health and wellness

Are you ready to take the leap? Do you have a mind full of questions? Ready to explore? We have various classes and events to help you become more in touch with your own desires as well as your partners – if you choose to adventure together.  Don’t see what you are looking for? Get in touch with us!

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DesireOKC is committed to helping individuals  learn to love thy self. In this class we will be exploring the five senses as they relate to sensuality in connection with self. Giving and Receiving massage  is an excellent way to connect in a mind, body, and spirit way. When one feels disconnected, touch can help bridge that gap. At times an individual is in physical pain and therefore will isolate, massage is a pathway to connection, an easy “yes” for most people.In this class you will learn how to use massage (touch), and the other four senses to awaken and connect with yourself. One must first learn to connect with self before they can connect with others. 

8 Weeks of Sex Coaching in 2 Days!!

Cost: $500.00 per couple
All lifestyles welcome – LGBTQ+, Poly, Lifestyle, Fetish, and More.
Connection is vital to our health and abundance in life. This workshop is for everyone, married or not. Have fun exploring each other’s bodies. Learn to ask for what you want in a rewarding way. Make connections between health, sexual vitality, and relationship harmony. We all desire real connection. It is a teachable skill. If you are open to learning and exploring sexuality; you can experience profound connection, trust, empowerment, and satisfaction.
Meditation to open your heart, even with past painful experiences.
The difference between normal sex and conscious sex.
Introduction to Partnered Body Consciousness Meditation (OM).
Experiential exercises in sensual massage and sensate focused.
Better understanding of boundaries, new agreements, and communication skills.
Tips and practices for increasing connection and awakening desire.
You would need to bring a partner, comfy clothes, massage oil, massage table (if you have one, otherwise accommodations will be provided), a blanket, 4-5 pillows, and an open heart.
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First and third Sunday of every month. Noon via Zoom – sign up for Zoom link

Breathwork describes a group of exercises that teach you to manipulate your breathing rate and depth with the goal of bringing awareness to your breath and ultimately providing the same benefits you might get from a meditative practice.

People who practice breathwork describe feeling tingling sensations throughout their body, feelings of clarity, alertness, increased mind-body connection and even emotional purging. Our breath is our life-force. Emotions and Tension can build up in our daily lives. This tension can manifest physically in the form of anger, pain, stress, illness, lack of motivation and more. Using breathwork we can guide you to release, heal and free yourself of negative factors.

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